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POMA Pinnacle Award - For Excellence in Industry
The Cartridge Comparison Guide was recently awarded the POMA Pinnacle Award for Excellence in Industry received at the August POMA conference.

The Cartridge Comparison Guide will help every rifle enthusiast from the absolute beginner to the advanced shooter! It has been called "THE HUNTING BIBLE" by Professional Hunters and "GOLD MINE" of information by US Fish and Wildlife officials.


The Cartridge Comparison Guide can be purchased as a spiral bound book and shipped directly to you or you can view the entire book online when you purchase an online membership.


The Guide compares every factory available cartridge from the 17 calibers up to the 50 caliber cartridges. It compiles cartridge data from all major ammunition manufacturers such as Hornady, Nosler, Barnes, Swift, Norma, Sierra, Weatherby, Winchester, Remington, and Federal. It shows the optimal velocity achieved for each bullet weight and calculates bullet energy, recoil, and powder efficiency.


By using the data, discussions, and graphics presented in this manual, every reader can compare any cartridge against any other based on caliber, bullet weight, velocity, energy, recoil, or an other comparative factor. This book will enable every reader to better understand cartridge performance on any scale. The visual and technical comparisons empower any reader to select the best cartridge for their personal shooting requirements.





The Cartridge Comparison Guide contains discussions including pictures and detailed narrative on bullet behavior, composition, structure, deformation, wound channel, and much more.


This Guide provides:

  • Large color photos that compare handgun and rifle cartridges
  • Detailed illustration of bullet behavior, bullet expansion, and terminal ballistics
  • Quick reference data sheets and ballistics charts (Trajectory, Velocity, and Energy out to 500 yards)
  • Clear explanations of bullet construction, structure, purpose, and use

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